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Personal care - Customised handmade soap  


To create a visual identity and packaging design for the upcoming premium natural personal care brand, Arezou. The brand believes that every individual's skin is different and needs a skincare ritual that is unique to that person. They customize their formulations for each individual assessing what their skin really desires. The brand targets a niche category of the audience who believes in eco-friendly and sustainable skincare products.



The project was supposed to be executed on two levels branding and complete packaging. Both the parts were quite challenging on various levels. The branding included visual identity, typography, and colour palette that had to be premium, nature-oriented, and unique. On the other hand, the packaging had to be layered, eco-friendly, premium yet minimal. Keeping all these points in mind we created a balanced visual identity and extensive packaging.



The idea was to give Arezou a raw and nature induced look be it visual identity or packaging. So we adopted a holistic approach and created an extensive visual world and packaging by combining rich skin hues and natural botanicals. The use of serif typeface made the entire design system more luxurious, and premium. The "Bindu" that is an integral part of the logo which is the origin of every element in this universe, has been continuously part of the entire design system.

Arezou presentation-02.jpg

Color Palette


Arezou presentation-03.jpg
Arezou presentation-04.jpg
Arezou presentation-05.jpg

Tote Bag

Arezou presentation-06.jpg

Business card

Arezou presentation-07.jpg

Social Media Post + Use of Monogram

Arezou presentation-08.jpg

Brand icons


Arezou presentation-09.jpg

Product Brochure

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