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Brand Communication


Create a motion graphics theatrical video along with jingle and brand signature tune to increase brand awareness in a tier 2 city where otherwise the cafe culture is a unique concept. It was a simple attempt to invite people and be part of the everyday celebration. The client also asked to use the mascot throughout and their tagline "Where goodness rules" in the promo.



It is always a conglomeration of the client's expectations and our creativity. Hence, we developed the layout keeping in mind the whole purpose of the theatrical promo. Our creativity bloomed in the form of bright colours, peppy doodles, drooling delicacies, energetic music and most importantly the Jingle. Only a Jingle can express the essence in words and shoutout to our young friends to celebrate every big and small moments together.


Once the design, jingle and signature tune was done, it was time to blend everything up and give it a celebratory feeling. We did the same through this 35 seconder promo which was eye-catchy and appealed to the target audience of the Bake Brown Cafe-bakery. The Tagline "Where Goodness Rules" was used in form of their rich and best quality products.


The promo ran in the theatres during commercial breaks. It raised brand awareness by introducing the products and services they offer. This in return increased the footfall in there cafe-bakery.

Static Frames

Film Audio

Animation film BB 30 SecsBake Brown
00:00 / 00:35

Signature Tune

Brand Signature TuneBake Brown
00:00 / 00:02
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