Create a logo and packaging that's premium, minimal that captures the DelSol's brand ideology of bringing world-class organic products in a raw and joyful way to cut across the plethora of worthy and functionally focused competitors.



The design relates to the organic and ecologically sustainable product range. For this premium organic superfood, we created 5 variants keeping the same look and feel.


LOGO: Del Sol means ‘Of the sun’: is a premium organic product brand. The logo is a minimal graphic symbol with many organic and earthy elements. The element of the earth in the logo represents the organic nature of the organization; the leaf represents different crops and food items; and soil and water together symbolize life! 


PACKAGING: We designed different patterns according to the plants and applied them to labels and packaging. The color code matches the natural superfood's respective flower. The cardboard telescope can is quite functional. We selected illustrations over photography to depict authenticity as the brand provides these superfoods in their maximum natural conditions preserving all the natural contents. 

RESULT:This was the first organic range from DelSol before this there were in the grocery category. This packaging established them in the market and the good response from the consumers paved the way for the upcoming product lines.

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