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Develop a logo, branding and packaging for snacking range under the umbrella brand of Nainumal – an Indian snacking brand created for people who love to indulge in genuine, guiltfree and lip-smacking enjoyment. The portfolio would be Indian snacks, namkeen, sweets etc.

Also, the client asked to suggest 3 different, relevant, and effective names for these Namkeen.


We started with the logo design of Nainumal. And after having a discussion with their operational team, and gaining in-depth knowledge about the type of snack, Crakers started creating a list of names that not only defined the type of snack but also had a high recall value. This was followed up by a design strategy that led Crackers to create unique and clutter-breaking packaging.




They had a legacy of Nainumal. During the 50’s “Seth” Nainumal Khattar, a visionary entrepreneur, born in Sakhar (Pakistan), got settled in Kaptainganj (U.P.) (India). He carved a niche For himself and soon emerged as a big business house in the society with his hard work in the fields of construction, education and food industry.
The client wanted all this to be glorified in the logo. It should have a traditional Indian look and a feel of a legendary entrepreneur but with the finesse of attractive and strong presentation.

The selection of beautiful curvy typeface, use of rays, golden colours, and swirls all was inspired by the great 'Seth Naiunaml's' legacy.



With a tagline like 'Authentic Indian flavours'' everything had to be typically Indian. We came up with 3 interesting names and a packaging system that could be extended to the end number of variants. These were the boxes containing a namkeen tray. We used paper cut art for these packs while highlighting the goodness of ingredients. Find out more about the packaging below.



The thoughtful creative process resulted in a packaging system that was not only very effective but also gave it a good head start given the highly competitive Indian snacking market. That helped in fast shelf pickup.



As the name suggests, one can enjoy this namkeen anytime, whether it's day or night and still one would want more and more. We have captured the same thought in the design as well. It has an overall happy feeling. The clear big shots of nankeen gave a clear impression of the type of namkeen inside the pack.



This packet celebrates festivities. It's a premium namkeen range rich in crispy and best quality dry fruits. We captured the same richness in the design as well by using bright colors and in the form of rangoli. All this made it more appealing, attractive, and highlighted its flavors and ingredients.



A namkeen loved by all. The name and the packaging design were inspired by the same. People take this namkeen hand-in-hand when served. Eat one eat all. That's why we showed it through the hand illustrations. Keeping the style same as the other boxes. The pack is very eye-catching.

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