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The brain runs faster than feet. Eyes grab faster than hands. Hands take a clue before taste buds. And when taste buds take a taste of your product, the consumer is already at home. Was it a home run for your product too? That’s what a packaging does.

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Our package includes:



We take a cue from brands character and build a concept around it. We do market research and search whats not there and what can be done? It’s a synapse where client’s expectations, art, commercial value, and uniqueness meets.







A well-thought graphic design can make it or break it. Graphic design on the packaging makes a product shelf-ready. We masterfully balance the product content, concept, graphics, fonts, typography, forms and colors. 








During packaging design, we create soulful content that helps consumers get a better understanding of products. After all, a well-crafted content emotionally connects to consumers with the brand.





Add-on services:



What’s in the name? Everything. It reflects your product and gives it a character. It’s become tad important if there are many products under a category. A name should resonate with brand’s philosophy and stand out from the clutter.






Crackers' structural design service provides manufactural, pocket-friendly and product appropriate packaging concepts. Understanding all the packaging materials available is very difficult if not impossible. That’s why we limit ourselves in providing paper and corrugated box related solutions. We take extra care handling this part as it’s a balance of creativity, mathematics, and practicality. Please go further down to know more about this.






Proofing is a vital step before going to bulk print production. It ensures color accuracy. With a standard proofing document, which contains all the necessary information for the printer, one can get the printing job done without or minimum color variation.






Sometimes a product's exact image is not available on the internet.  Especially in the case of Indian delicacies. That's where our experienced food photographers and food stylists come into the picture. We collaborate with the best people in the industry so that we can





Along with packaging, we also develop: 






Beautiful artwork needs a sturdy and innovative structural design. To fulfill our commitment to providing one-stop and world-class packaging solutions we collaborate with CutFoldPack based in Gurugram, a design & development Center for packaging structure and POS. The CFP team holds 14 years of rich industry experience. They've worked with globally renowned brands/companies in Fashion, Health, Beauty, Luxury Goods, Automobile, and E-commerce. They have expertise in developing protective packaging which can absorb shocks during transportation and help you to pass all tests as per International standards like ISTA.


For more information, you can check out their website.

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