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Logo Design & Packaging Design - 3 Variants

As part of our collaboration with Mrs. Popcorn, Nepal, we created this logo and packaging design for them. For the very first time, the company introduced flavored popcorn which was a new concept in Nepal.

Challenge: As there were many existing popcorn brands in the market and Mrs. popcorn was coming up with 3 different flavours (Cheese, Caramel and Lime & Chilly) so, we had to create the packaging design which is unique and appealing enough to catch customers attention regardless of their age, gender and also clutter-breaking at the same time.

Solution: When we think of popcorn, the first thing that comes to our mind is watching our favourite film in a theatre, munching on that crunchy, buttery snack and with a lot of emotions, love, gossip, and naughtiness. The idea was to capture these emotions in each flavour by adding a bit of humour to it. So we came up with a unique concept and created witty and funny characters out of the popcorn kernels for each variety. Thinking of the brand extension these characters can easily be portrayed in different mediums and more can be created if the brand plan's to come up with some additional flavours in the category.


Colours: Keeping in mind the nature of the product and target audience the colours used in the packaging are bright and catchy which not only grabs consumer's attention but also differentiates each flavour from one another.

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