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Packaging Design - 2 Variants

We were commissioned to revamp the packaging design for the premium quality Sagar Basmati Rice which had two variants - Raw and Steam. 

Sagar Nutriments is Sagar Group’s recent venture in food processing premium quality basmati rice. The Group has set up the ultra-modern state-of-the-art rice milling plant and offers premium quality basmati rice under the umbrella brand ‘Sagar Rice’. The client wanted to reposition themselves by creating a niche and premium quality basmati rice brand. They wanted to disrupt the market by having a modern take on packaging design that looks contemporary. Most importantly the client did not want to use age-old biryani shots on the packaging.

The biggest challenge was to implement the brand repositioning in the crowded rice marketplace. Through our research, we found that most of the available brands were look-alike and lacked attractiveness. We asked ourself, how to break this? Hence, we took a minimalistic approach and created a highly unique, distinctive packaging design for the brand and focused on visually communicating the brand's philosophy "JOY IN EVERY GRAIN".

The idea was to give the new packaging a fresh and premium look. It was challenging to create two different food packaging having the same visual style and conveying the idea of what actually was special in raw rice (aromatic) and steam rice (processed with steam). We took cues from the product's USP for both the variants and created a flower for raw rice and steam for processed rice made of rice grain. The use of bright and bold colours in the packaging gave it a fresh look. A colour code was created for each product category, along with a category descriptor upfront, for easier connect and identification.  

The revived packaging enabled the brand to stand out from competitors in points of sale with an eye-catching rice packaging design. It made a huge impact on the consumers and the markets and also helped build a cohesive system for the brands newer ranges. The brand saw an increase in sales by many folds and could reach out to many new territories.

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