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In our recent collaboration with an upcoming brand, we were commissioned to create a premium organic cotton-based baby brand from scratch. From coming up with a unique brand name to creating a brand’s logo & it’s applicability.

It’s a fact that while we were developing a new kid’s brand, we took upon the responsibility to address the right target audience. In this project, it is the kid’s parents who believe in sustainable living & support eco-friendly products. The brand’s goal is to produce organic cloth diaper as the first product and extend to more baby product range in the future. It was challenging for us to come up with a name that’s not generic and easily resonates with the target audience.

We knew that a lot of kid’s brand already exists in the market, so we wanted to crack something unique keeping in mind the nature of the product. After a lot of brainstorming sessions and research we had our eureka moment and finalized - TICKLES.


The inspiration for the logo is derived from the brand name “Tickles”. The combination of shapes creates a cute and happy character of a baby boy & a girl. As the world is inching towards genderless clothing and colors; we wanted to create the same ethos in the logo. The Yellow and Teal color looks refreshing which evokes happiness & positive energy. Expressions are loaded with cuteness that creates a very happy mood and shows that someone just tickled them. 

The wordmark design started with something familiar and core to the product itself - kids. Taking cues from the brand name Tickles, a scattered and uneven wordmark brought a personality to the brand that is unfussy and playful at heart.  A thick, rounded typeface makes it standout and apt for any surface. Wordmark which is friendly, more bulbous, and more fun evokes a happy feeling - a tickle moment. Another interesting fact of the wordmark is if you look at it closely you’ll find two happy faces in letters E & C.

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