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Startup accelerator


Univation is a nonprofit organization aiming to bridge the gap between University and Innovation.


The organisation reshuffled its old strategy and came up with a new tagline ‘from student to entrepreneurs’. The client wanted a modern, clean logo and something the organisation could integrate with a number of services and day-to-day communication. Also, the old logo was a wordmark which wasn't aligning with their digital space. The new logo would be used for the website, social media, digital Press, app icon/ mobile screens.



The tagline ‘from student to entrepreneur’ entails a transformation that is reflected through the icon. The letter U shows two sides, the student and mentor and together they form a team, the letter U, the core function of Univation. In an abstract form, it’s an infinite sign which represents the endless ideas of students. The logo shows a process of converging that inspires innovation. The logo is futuristic, clean, bright, and minimalistic.



The logo has an icon that can easily be used on social media platforms. It was meant mostly for digital space so we thoughtfully use gradients with two different hues of blue that represent technology and ideas. If one pays attention this 2d form looks like a 3d one. The typeface is legible and curvy thus friendly. It's a font family of different thicknesses.

Artboard 2 copy.png
Artboard 2.png

Initial sketches

sketchbook low.png

Icon construction & evolution

Artboard 3.png
Artboard 4.png

Logos on solid backgrounds

Artboard 5.png

Logo lockups

lpgp lpckups.png

The typeface

Artboard 6.png
Artboard 7.png

Logo applications

Artboard 8.png
Artboard 8 copy.png
Artboard 8 copy 2.png

Brand assets: ID & ticket

Artboard 8 copy 3.png
Artboard 8 copy 4.png
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